2012 Summer

Amitayus Duo, SUMMER 2012  


Chengdu, Sichuan, PRC


June 30 - Andreas Boelcke performance at You Yang Art Culture School [悠扬钢琴艺术培训学校].

July 6 -  Amitayus Duo performance at Sichuan Nongye University [四川农业大学]

July 11 -Adam Cathcart, “North Korean Musical Diplomacy in the Kim Jong Un Era,” presentation at U.S. Consulate, Chengdu [四川成都德国领事馆].

July 14 – Amitayus Duo performance at Nordic International Management Institute, Xindu, Chengdu [NIMI-北欧国际管理学院]

Master Classes



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